See the Modern Design of the Hyundai Elantra

The Hyundai Elantra offers a comfortable interior in a vehicle that is fun to drive. Materials that are used from the seats to the steering wheel are of the highest quality. Seats in the vehicle are spacious so that you have plenty of room to shift around while you're driving or while you're a passenger, allowing you to be comfortable on all of your excursions.

Many of the surfaces inside the Elantra are soft to the touch, making it feel like you're in the comfort of your home instead of in a vehicle. Towne Hyundai can clean the interior of your Elantra when needed so that it maintains the plush appearance and the soft feel. Trim of brushed aluminum adds a modern touch to the vehicle along with a bit of chrome.

Driver assistance is available along with blind spot monitoring. The interior also features a traffic alert for the rear of the vehicle. A navigation touchscreen is located in the center area of the dashboard.



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